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How does your garden grow?

Yesterday we got some more of the garden planted:

Peas (yes, I know it’s late in the season but the weather has continued unseasonably chilly, so we’ll see)
Basil (doesn’t grow well from seed, so we’ll see)

A parsley plant and a rosemary plant (rosemary looks pretty puny, here’s hoping it survives)

The seeds were sown according to the Square Foot Gardening method. However, the squares aren’t marked off, so we’re just kind of remembering where they were sown.

Questions for Square Foot Garden fans:

How do you mark off square feet in your garden?

How do you make paths between squares? (Our garden is just a big rectangle of dirt at the moment)

What kind of trellises or frames do you like best for climbing plants?

…and perhaps the most important question of all, in our Northwest garden:

How do you control slugs and snails?