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Update: All-of-a-Kind Family resource

Awhile back, I published a link to a resource that you could use while reading books from the All-of-a-Kind Family series. This book series is set in New York city in the early 1900s, and paints a picture of Jewish family life and customs at the turn of the century, through the end of World War I.

From the resource website:

This readers guide to Sydney Taylor’s All-of-a-Kind Family series was created in celebration of the author’s 100th birthday in 2004. It includes historical context, background information about the author and the people upon whom the characters are based, extension activities, and read-alike suggestions.

Here is the updated link to the All-of-a-Kind Family Companion.


Free printables!

While perusing this week’s Subscriber Exclusive from Homeschool Freebie of the Day, I followed a link that led to a link that led to free printables from Life Your Way.

They have more than 150 free printables available for download here, including a room organizer chart (I don’t know about you, but with the change of seasons we’re moving our furniture around into new configurations) and a Home Management Notebook.

So if you feel the need to scratch that “get organized” itch, check out Life Your Way, and if you haven’t heard of Homeschool Freebie of the Day, take a look at that site, too, where every day there’s a new free download of PDF e-books or mp3 files or links to free resources.

Free sheet music blank manuscript paper

Youngest has begun writing her own music, using our faithful old Noteworthy Composer program. We’ve had it for years. It does just about everything we need it to do, and we’ve figured out workarounds for what it won’t do. It was a real bargain at the time we were looking for a music program that worked for writing music the way a word processor works for writing words.

To find out more about Noteworthy Composer, click here. (And no, I don’t get anything out of it. I’m not an affiliate, I’ve just been using the program for — well, I don’t remember how long. But it’s been years.)

She also has been printing out blank manuscript paper for jotting down tunes when the computer isn’t handy. (That’s what the topic of this post started out to be, before I got sidetracked by mentioning Noteworthy.) Since we’re starting music theory studies, we’ll be needing more of the stuff. Here’s the site she discovered:

Blank Sheet Music – Free printable staff paper

World Math Day!

World Math Day will be the first day of March.

Click here to go to the World Math Day page. From there you can click on a link to register. World Math Day is free! If you already have a Mathletics subscription, you don’t have to register to gain access to the World Math Day games.

Hope to see you there!

Housekeeping, blog style

Have spent an hour or so this morning cleaning up the links in the sidebar of the home page of this blog. Several of the pages I had linked to were gone, disappeared in that mysterious way of web pages.

Happily I was able to find the pages at the Wayback Machine. I don’t know how long they’ll be stored there, but in each case I linked to the Wayback Machine’s list of pages for that site. You can click on the links there to see what was saved. In some cases, even downloadable forms in PDF are still available, just a click away.

It’s the time of year when home educators are working on plans for next year, so I hope the planning pages in the links will come in handy for somebody!

I just heard the washer spin to a stop, so it’s time to hang out those clothes and let them dry by solar power. That’s one of the pluses of 99 degree weather…

Journey to the Stars: Free DVD from NASA!

From Heidi at Chatter and Clatter:

NASA is offering a free DVD and worksheet set to parents and educators. More from Heidi:

From the website:

Are you ready to take a Journey to the Stars? The American Museum of Natural History and NASA have joined forces to produce a planetarium show about the amazing variety of stars that dot our cosmos–exploding stars, giant stars, dwarf stars,neutron stars, even our own star! But you don’t have to go to a planetarium to experience this mind-blowing journey. NASA will send you a DVD, for free!

The price is definitely right! This offer is open to educators and parents. You can even request a DVD for each student. All you need to do is fill out the form linked below.


World Math Day!

(Pardon me for not making this “pretty” but I’m in haste and don’t have time for niceties. This is good news and I wanted to get it out as soon as possible so you could read it in time to register for this fun and free online event.)

The deadline to register for World Math Day (also known as World Maths Day) has been extended!

To register, go to the website below:


(Just a little background: This year’s TOS Crew got to try, for free, a subscription to mathletics.com–a website that reinforces math learning and provides fun drill activities. The same folks sponsor World Math Day, a worldwide math contest where students practice their math facts — addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division — by running math races against other students all over the world. The goal is to do math, have fun, and set a new Guiness world record for number of math problems solved in a 48 hour period.)

To read my review of Mathletics, click here.

From my email:

The good news is that the deadline to register for World Math Day 2010
has been extended up until the event actually begins, so please help us
spread the word that there is still a chance to sign up if you have not
already done so! Please mention it on your blog, post about it on Twitter
or Facebook, and let your friends know.

We have a blog with all kinds of interesting information about the
event, participants, media coverage, and statistics at 
http://blog.worldmathsday.com/. And, of course, you can register,
get more information, or start practicing at www.worldmathday.com.
Follow us on Twitter: @MathleticsUSA and @WorldMathsDay. 

My name is Emily and I’m working with Mathletics.com to spread the word about World Math Day!

We’d love your help getting the word out about World Math Day, which is coming right up on March 3, 2010! We’re set to break a Guinness World Record and want to get as many people to participate as possible. It’s totally free and designed for all ages and ability levels.

Attached is the press release about World Math Day if you want to
get more detailed info, or use the information below to post on your blog to help students, parents, teachers, and math-lovers find out how to register and participate in this exciting event.

We’re also on Twitter, so please follow us at MathleticsUSA.

Please feel free to email me with any questions or comments, and
definitely let me know if you mention us on your blog! We’re grateful for your help spreading the word, and hope you’ll join us!


March 3, 2010


World Math Day is free and lots of FUN!

Join us in a celebration of numbers as students from around the globe unite in their quest to set a world record in answering mental arithmetic questions. Be a part of this great education event involving more than 2 million students from over 200 countries.

It’s Free and Fun!

• Brand NEW format.

• World Math Day is the education event for the world!

• Your students will love it! Be part of setting a world record!

• It will create an amazing buzz around Math

• Designed for all ages and ability levels. Simple to register and participate. All you need is internet access.

• Great prizes

• And it’s absolutely free!!


March 3, 2010