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Let’s get organized!


The new school year is around the corner! I don’t know about you, but I need to get my plans in order!

A lot of us must be thinking about this topic right about now. I just got notice of the Charlotte Mason blog carnival in my email box this morning, and what do you think the topic is?

You guessed it. Getting organized for the new school year.

Many homeschoolers have the option of starting their academic year at any time on the calendar. Of course, in states that require a certain number of hours during the school year, it might be a little more restricted, especially if you have paperwork deadlines.

That said, I know one local family that starts their school year on January 2, another that starts in October (after the harvesting of their large garden, and the canning), and yet another that starts at the beginning of August. I know a family in the hot South that “schools” through the summer when it’s too hot to play outside, most days, and they take their major breaks in spring and fall.

Most of the home educating families I know will be starting their homeschool on about the same schedule as the government schools. Some of it may be the convenience of their friends going off to school.

We often use that same convenience (the “school kids” going off to school) to take our annual camping trip. The campground isn’t crowded, the weather is still good, and it’s a celebration of our not being chained to the same schedule.

We try to take the whole month of December off, and other than that we take off a few days here and a few days there, depending on camping trips, visits from the favorite aunt, and Outdoor School. We don’t usually take the whole summer off, though we did this year. I wonder how hard it’ll be to round them up and head them back on the academic trail. They’ve been learning all along, just not in any sort of organized way.

How about you? How do you plan your calendar year?

(We can talk about details and planners next time. True confession time: I’m something of a planner junkie, and always struggling against the force of entropy. If you don’t remember “entropy” from high school or college science, look at http://physics.about.com/od/glossary/g/entropy.htm)

By the way, that link to the Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival can be found here:

Happy New Year!
(throwing confetti with words, until I can figure out how to paste a sparkly animation here. How would I find out how to do that?)