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Counting my blessings, day 2

Maybe it’s going to snow. Maybe it’s not going to snow. In our experience living here, too many Major Snow Events have fizzled for us to get really excited or anxious or whatever.

On the other hand, there have been one or two Major Snow Events that weren’t predicted, and then happened anyhow. One of them lasted a week — that is, we parked our car when the snow started to accumulate, and left it parked for a week until the streets were drivable again. It was a pretty low-slung car (a Ford Taurus station wagon) and would have (what do you call it?) high-centered (I think that’s the term) on the snow between the ruts on the unplowed street. They only plow major thoroughfares here, not the side streets. Thankfully there’s a store or two within walking distance.

Our pantry is full (a few staples are missing, like potatoes, but we could get along with what we have for a week or more even without potatoes), and we have some wood for the wood stove if the power happens to go out (not a lot, but some). Filled the car’s gas tank yesterday.

Don’t have batteries for the portable radio, but if we really needed to hear the news we could go out to the car and run the engine briefly, if we had to, and listen to the news on the radio without draining the battery. (Don’t know how much juice it takes to listen to the radio, but I remember from Midwest winters that freezing weather is hard on a car battery, regardless.)

Cell phone is charged; we’ve got sweaters and extra blankets, and because we redid the plumbing last year the pipes aren’t as vulnerable to freezing. We even have oil in the oil lamps and batteries in the flashlights.

Guess we’re ready.

Now the Major Snow Event can fizzle, if it wants to do so. Or it can snow.

It’s time to take my coffee and tuck up with the girls and the Giant Schnoz on the couch for Bible reading time. That’s another blessing in itself.

What are you thankful for today?