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Menu Plan Monday

Still don’t have the graphic for this meme, but one of these days I’ll figure it out!

I still have not tried menu-planning since we went gluten-free, but I did a little research on menu-planning last week and found this. Nice pictures, simple ideas, doable suggestions. Maybe by next Monday I really will have a menu plan for the week to follow.


Menu Plan Monday

…actually, this post is something of a fraud. I don’t have a clue what we’ll be eating this week. I think I cooked two home-cooked meals last week, and the rest of the time we were either eating out or eating sandwiches in the car. (Buying lunchmeat and bread and fruit and chips and making lunch as you travel is a lot cheaper than take-out.) I’m out of the groove.

Got to clean out the refrigerator of the stuff that didn’t get eaten last week, what with all the traveling and reveling and that sort of thing, and then I’ll have a better idea of what we’re going to eat. Lots of salad, at least, because we got beautiful lettuce from our CSA this week. Not sure what else, yet. Will let you know.