Natural homemade deodorant

Perhaps you’ve read about all the uses for vinegar, besides salad dressing. It’s a great degreaser and mild sanitizer, for one thing. Mix it half-and-half with water and you can wash windows or kitchen counters or other surfaces.

Did you know that apple cider vinegar used to be used as a deodorant in the olden days?

I’d been having trouble for years with allergies. I’d try one formulation, and it would work for awhile, and then I’d get an itchy rash in my underarm area. Very uncomfortable, as you can imagine! I’d switch to another, and either it wouldn’t work (ah, don’t you just hate deodorant failure?), or a few weeks or months after switching, the itchy rash would resurface, and it would be time to switch again.

Mind you, these were just deodorants! I had sworn off antiperspirants even earlier, after reading about the connection between aluminum and Alzheimer’s. But how can you get along in our society with… to put it delicately, more or less… B.O.?

(European society, at least as I recall it, wasn’t quite as uptight about odor as American society. But we live in a place now where people shower daily, sometimes oftener — especially if they are runners or bikers — and everyone seems to use deodorant, except perhaps the homeless among us.)

After natural crystal deodorant went the same route as the others (It’s not fair! it’s natural, for goodness’ sake! Or maybe not for goodness’ sake. It didn’t do me any good, after awhile.) I was getting desperate.

Then I remembered something I’d read in an old-fashioned book, about elderly women smelling faintly of vinegar. (Not because they were elderly, per se, but as they were elderly they were more old-fashioned in their methods.) I began to wonder…

…and then I began to experiment.

To make a long story short, I’ve found that cider vinegar in a 4 oz. spray bottle works very well indeed. It even smells fairly nice, as I add ten drops or so of lavender and lemon essential oils to each batch I make up.

It works about as well as any commercial product I’ve used, and better than a lot of them. The vinegar smell wears off soon after spraying, leaving just a faint whiff of lavender and lemon behind. The effect lasts all day long.

So if you’re desperate to smell fresh, and unable to use anything but rather expensive natural products (and maybe can’t even use those), try apple cider vinegar. Add a little of your favorite essential oil to personalize it, and you’re on your way.


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