TOS Crew: Schoolhouse Planner Sale!


Here you are, one month into the school year, and maybe things are going just as you wanted. Or maybe you’re feeling like things aren’t working as well as you’d like. You might even feel (as I have at one time or another) that things aren’t working at all! You need to re-trench, re-think, re-plan… and some planning tools would come in handy right about now.

There’s a big planner sale going on over at The Schoolhouse Store. Buy the Schoolhouse Planner and get the student planner of your choice (including the special needs planner) thrown in for free.

This massive planner has hundreds of planning pages to choose from, a form for every purpose, and calendars, reference pages, helpful articles, recipes, and more. Pick and choose what you need — you’ll find a lot of potential aid here, to help you organize your thoughts, your home, your students, and your schedule.

If you’d like to see a PDF sample of the Schoolhouse Planner, click here.

Click here for the order page.


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