Monday, Monday…

It’s been one of those days where I feel as if I spent most of the day just running around and not accomplishing anything. I have three baskets of clean laundry, at least, but I won’t really feel as if it’s “done” until it’s put away. (It’s “sort of” folded to minimize wrinkling, anyhow, and I hung up the good stuff right out of the dryer, so at least there’s no ironing this week.)

Morning was devoted to the chiropractor, and when I got home I got the girls to work on the papers they need to write by Thursday… (computer outage means we lost a week of work time, and add that to the procrastination factor and it means they’re writing a 3-5 page paper in four days. Doable, but not fun.)

Afternoon was taken up with music lessons, bank, and shopping. I need to cut back on shopping, or organize errands better, or something. It just takes too much time out of the week, not to mention money out of the budget. (!)

Evening was choir practice.

Now it’s past bedtime, I look around at the house that has not been picked up from the weekend, that actually looks a little worse than it did this morning, instead of the lots better I was aiming for. I know what I want to do, I’m just too busy to give it the time it needs.


Tomorrow is another day, and if I get to bed right after writing this, at least I won’t have ruined the morning completely by staying up until midnight. (Half an hour short of midnight, but still better than midnight. Or after.)

What do you do to get on track when you feel like things are out of focus?


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