Late nights make slow mornings

I’m tired. (What a way to start a blog post…)

I’ve got a list of errands and chores half as long as my arm. The girls are moving very slowly, too (except for Eldest, who is out for coffee with a friend). If at all.

We had a late night last night, didn’t get home until after 10, and what with one thing and another I think bedtime was achieved somewhere around 11. This, on top of a busy day, full of activities.

I’m so glad we didn’t go to FreeGeek yesterday. While I love the idea of the girls working on a community service project to earn computers of their own for schoolwork, chopping another 3 hours out of the day and going on still another errand on top of everything else we did yesterday… well, let’s just say I might be even more tempted to call today a down day.

I’ve already started cutting back the schedule.

Do you do that? Set up the “perfect” schedule (well, as good as you can make it before swinging into the actual flow of autumn events and classes), and then find you were too enthusiastic, or too optimistic perhaps, and then need to start pruning? Or else?

(“Or else,” for me, is my health. That bone-deep tiredness upon wakening from a night’s sleep is a warning of worse to come if I don’t mend my ways.)

Some weeks are busier than others, and those are the weeks where I’m cutting voluntary activities (like FreeGeek), things that aren’t set in stone. The girls will earn their computers a little slower, if they volunteer there only once or twice a month instead of every week, but our schedule will be saner.

Have called the younger girls twice. Um, maybe three times. Is it time for the bucket of cold water? Or mercy?


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