Razor blades and the cost of living

This is not about cutting costs. I wish…

Was in the warehouse store earlier this week, picking up school supplies (some great prices on binders! …we’ll see how sturdy they are…) and we walked past the Health and Beauty section. I was floored to see a display of razors — no, not even razors, but razor cartridges — they looked like something from outer space, with half a dozen blades per head (wow, I remember when a double-bladed razor was something else). It wasn’t the form that floored me, though. It was the price.

Nearly $50 for razor cartridges?

I try to leave razor shopping to dh, except for the pretty pink razors that we girls use for girlish reasons, so I had no idea that men’s razors had joined the space program. In cost, as well as appearance.

I knew that the cost of living is going up. But who’d ‘a’ thought that razor cartridges would be so great a contributor to the cost index? (Or have I been living in a vacuum all these years, and razors have been expensive all along?)

Speaking of living in a vacuum, I’m going to go and snuggle with the dog, sip a civilized cup of tea, and contemplate Greater Things for a bit.

So, what’s having an impact on your budget?


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