…did you start school this week?

Or are you still savoring the waning days of summer?

We got our oil changed yesterday. The tech happened to mention that his dad had told him we hadn’t had a summer like this since ’54. (Cold, late spring, cool summer, only two days above 90 degrees.)

I asked him what kind of winter had followed that summer. He got this thoughtful look on his face, and then answered. Cold. Lots of snow.

I got this feeling, like in The Long Winter (one of the Little House books), the chapter where the old Indian (that’s the term used in the book, I know the PC term) walks into the store to warn the little pioneer community of the severity of the winter to come. Hmmm. Heap big snow, eh?

Perhaps it’s time to lay in the supplies for the winter.

What essentials do you plan to (or maybe already have started to ) stock up on?


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