Lego Creativity Contest

This one’s for home educators as well as public and private schools.

Here’s the link to the homeschool registration page. The contest sign-ups started August 1, and I’m not sure what kind of response there’s been so far, but LEGO was promising a free Smart Kit to the first 2,000 registrants.

From the LEGO webpage:

Welcome to the 2011 LEGO® Smart Creativity Contest!

The LEGO® Smart Creativity Contest is all about creativity, innovation, and hands-on learning! We want you to think beyond the books and focus on the power of the brick!

In 150 seconds or less, we challenge you to:
Show us how you use
LEGO Education solutions
to spark student innovation!

Whether you capture student innovation in the form of a LEGO-inspired animation, student-produced skit, or by performing an original song that plays tribute to the creativity of the LEGO brick, we challenge you to be creative and let that innovative spirit shine!


One response to “Lego Creativity Contest

  1. We submitted our video and LEGO posted it. We are very excited about the contest. The video can be seen on You Tube under seejoyrun or at this link:

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