A non-homeschooler weighs in on socialization

Interesting opinion piece here:

Village Idiot: Home sweet homeschooling

(at least, I don’t think he’s a homeschooler, just an adult giving an outside perspective, from the tone)

I admit, the title is what first caught my eye. 🙂

He expresses some reservations about unschooling, but before you go off in a huff, read the comments section on the post, left by unschoolers whose results tempt me to chuck the curriculum and follow their lead… (I’m not confident enough to do that, so we do an eclectic mix of co-op classes and individual delight-directed learning.)

Perhaps someone ought to recommend some thought-provoking reading to him, such as Homeschooling for Excellence by the Colfaxes. It was in reading that book, very early on in our homeschooling journey, that I found encouragement, even though we’re not unschoolers building a homestead on a mountain. (Sometimes I’ve wished we were.)

I know some amazing unschoolers, and I hope the author meets some as well, and is encouraged to write an update to his opinion piece.


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