Natural cleaners

I was going to do a post using the Simple Woman’s Daybook prompts, but ran out of time. Then I thought about doing a Gratituesday post, but again, while I have more blessings than I can count, I have no more online time today!

So instead, I’ll post a link to an article I just printed out, about natural cleaners. Looks like some good recipes, some of them similar to what I’m already using.

The reason I went searching for info on natural cleaners today, was because I still use bleach in one area… no, two areas.

1) laundry – specifically, unmentionables. Those things can really use disinfecting. I’d like to do something else. I’ve heard of using hydrogen peroxide or tea tree oil, but never specifics, like how many drops (of the oil) per load, and if you need to dilute it in anything before adding, or how much peroxide to add per load. Help?

2) kitchen sink – My kitchen sink is white porcelain, and it can get pretty stained. Every few months I’ll fill it to the brim with hot water and add a cup of bleach, then let it soak for an hour or more (often when we’re going to be away from home). I first got this tip from the FlyLady, and it works beautifully. Doesn’t scratch my old sink, either. How else to get the stains out?

If you have any insights, please share! (How much tea tree oil, for example, or how much peroxide, or would peroxide work to make my sink white and shiny, or is there something else?)

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