Sad day…

It’s one of those days. I’m sad. It was hard to get out of bed this morning.

It’s one of those days. Change keeps hitting me right between the eyes.

It’s one of those days. I’m going to have to nestle in hard, like a blind puppy, trusting though my eyes have not yet opened, trusting that (as Elisabeth Elliot so often said, and pardon me for mixing my metaphors) underneath are the everlasting arms.

This is the day that the Lord hath made. I will (choose to) rejoice and be glad in it.


4 responses to “Sad day…

  1. Also, as Elisabeth was found of quoting, “Do the next thing.” I’ve found this to be a helpful course of action, too. I will pray for you, friend.

  2. Jean, go make that cup of coffee that we talked about earlier. Then read this: . Might help you to remember that the sad days pass. :o)

  3. homesweethomeschool

    Thank you, Sabrina, my friend. “Do the next thing” and prayer. Definitely. It’s times like these that I come closest to understanding Paul’s admonition for unceasing prayer.

  4. homesweethomeschool

    Amen, Michelle. Very timely. I know that the sad days past, from long experience, but the reminder is always good. Am finishing a cup of tea right now, but it sounds as if there just might be coffee in my future (Eldest wants to treat me out).

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