Daily Archives: July 19, 2011


My favorite college roommate and I had several sayings that cycled round every week, a way of marking time, I suppose. It all started with TGIF! (You know what that is, don’t you?)

It wasn’t long before we added OMGIM to the list. (Oh, my ***, it’s MONDAY!) Monday always seemed to sneak up on us after a weekend of depressurizing from the week’s heavy course load of reading, listening to lectures, writing papers, doing labwork, taking quizzes or exams, and all the rest.

(Social life? What’s a social life?)

My favorite code word, just because it was fun to say (even though Friday was my favorite day), came into being one Tuesday, and kept coming around again the rest of the time we were roommates, and after.

Someone had received a card in the mail and posted it on their door for all to enjoy. On the front was a picture of a cartoon man in a bathrobe, ice pack on his head, bags under his bloodshot eyes and his jowls hanging down in a dispirited way. He looked like something the cat didn’t even want to drag in.

On the front of the card, the caption read, “Things are looking up…”

You opened the card to read, “It’s Tuesday already.”

Roomie and I started out noting the arrival of Tuesday by quoting the card.

“Things are looking up!”
“Yeah, it’s Tuesday, already!”

It wasn’t long before we were abbreviating, just as we had OMGIM (and as we had begun with TGIF). It was quicker to say and to write on the message board that adorned our door. It was reassuring to say, even if things weren’t looking up. (Research paper deadline looming, or big test about to hit.)

Even if Tuesday was as bad as poor cartoon “Joe” looked, the cycle of days continued, and the next day would be “hump day” as in “over the hump and on the downhill side of the week, heading for the weekend.” The next day after “hump day” (whose acronym escapes me, something involving MOTW for “middle of the week”) would be Thursday (whose acronym included “FWSBH” for “Friday will soon be here!”), and we’d never experienced a Thursday that was not followed by Friday (TGIF!), so it all worked out somehow.

In short, the arrival of Tuesday meant that we were making progress. Some kind or other.