Daily Archives: July 15, 2011

Need an infusion

…of gratitude. I’m out of sorts, grumpy, and grumbly today. I’d even be whiny except I hate whining.

Do you know how tiring discontent can be? I’m sure a great part of being tired today is due to discouragement and discontent. Bad rut. Time to climb out.


– prayer and praise (Going to sit down with the girls and read the Bible together, something we’ve neglected since we were on vacation last week and the schedule went out the window. Then going to put on some uplifting music to play in the background.)

– productive work (There’s so much to do around here. Going to go with Elisabeth Elliot‘s “Do the Next Thing” and… you guessed it… do the next thing. Start a load of laundry, remind today’s Dishwasher to get the kitchen sink clean and shiny, and tackle a box of paper clutter.)

– remembering what the Bible says about the Israelites and their grumbling. They saw incredible miracles, and yet they had a kind of “What have you done for me lately?” attitude. Don’t get me wrong. I probably would have been right in there with the worst of them. I should know better, and yet look at me today: grumbly. But working at getting out of the rut.

– consciously counting my blessings.

To start:

– Eldest, who dropped everything to hug me and pray aloud for me when I was so frustrated a little bit ago

– The quiet, cheerful voices of Middlest and Youngest, who are not fighting

– The faithfulness of my husband, who works so hard so that I might stay at home with the girls

– The dog, who was extra snuggly when I needed it this morning

(And maybe I should have put this one first. I really should have, actually. That’s part of the problem I’m having today, no doubt.) The LORD, Who is faithful, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love.

What do you do when the grumbles strike?