Making a Home

Linda at Linda’s Lunacy is hosting a Tuesday meme called “Making a Home” (will try to insert the code here, so if all goes well…)

Okay, if I did this right, you should be able to go to her blog by clicking on the image. In the words of Han Solo, sometimes I amaze even myself.

Anyhow, Linda is encouraging homekeepers to think about what makes a home, and apply their ideas.

I’m about to put some BBQ chicken in the oven so that good smells greet my husband when he comes home. We’re also going to stand at the front door to see what he sees when he comes home (I want the girls to get used to seeing things out of place and dealing with them, right alongside their clutterblind mother), and make an effort to make that first sight pleasant and welcoming. It’s a start, anyhow.

What did you do today, to make your house a home?


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