Eating chocolate and dejunking…

Doesn’t that sound like a profitable use of time?

Youngest’s room is really coming together. The bathroom is looking lots better — amazing what happens when you toss all the almost-empty containers of shampoo, conditioner, lotion, etc. Actually, one child was detailed to rinse out the containers and recycle them as trash pickup is so much more expensive than recycling. Making progress in clearing the hallway, and after that — dum de dum dum (for some reason the Dragnet theme runs in my head at this moment) — the living and dining rooms.

Oh, and we’re listening to recordings of Dr. Voddie Baucham from last weekend’s homeschool conference. Great encouragement and food for thought!

What are you doing today?


5 responses to “Eating chocolate and dejunking…

  1. I’m doing the same thing, minus the chocolate.

    I am cleaning and organizing my house, but listening to Andrew Pudewa!

    i am stopping by from the scavenger hunt. Found yours!

  2. Love the new layout – I had this one like this for a time. I love the crisp clean feel – magazine – it is so easy to read, quick to load, easy to scroll. Love It!

  3. Progress is always so great! I love Voddie Baucham…amazing speaker! I am reading his book: Family Driven Faith! Stopping by as a newbie on the Crew to find Edna…thank you for not making it difficult…gave me time to really read your posts!

  4. I’m following from the crew, and I think I’ll hang out for a while, especially if you have any chocolate left.

  5. Thanks for hosting Edna for the Scavenger Hunt! I need to get on the dejunking bandwagon, but alas I always find more things to do on the computer. 😦 Need to go now. 🙂

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