New week, new things to do!

The Homeschool Convention was amazing, even if I only got a fraction of my browsing/shopping done, and saw only two workshops and half of two keynote addresses. Spent most of Friday working at the Used Curriculum Exchange, and half of Saturday at a memorial service.

They showed the cutest movie on Friday evening at the convention. It was put together by a homeschool family. All the actors are children, ages nine and under, but it’s not amateurish in the least. If you want to know more, go to the movie website: Runner from Ravenshead. At the very least, watch the movie trailer.

I’ve just got to say, I really want to go strawberry picking sometime this week. Haven’t been yet, and keep hearing reports of pounds and pounds picked and processed (frozen, pureed and frozen, made into jam, etc.). I want that taste of sunshine stored away in my freezer for the cold, dark months to come.


5 responses to “New week, new things to do!

  1. This scavenger hunt looks like it’ll be fun! You shouldn’t have said where you hid Edna on your blog on the forum LOL

    We haven’t got many strawberries. Not enough at one whack to make or do anything with them. Only a nibble now and again. Guess I need a “patch” instead of a coulple plants LOL

  2. homesweethomeschool

    LOL, you’re right! I went back and changed it, but it’s probably like closing the barn door after letting the horse out. Well, so everybody got one “freebie”… What fun!

  3. Wasn’t Runner from Ravenshead adorable. The little boy is just squeeably cute. (visiting from TOS Crew)

  4. Hi there 🙂 I posted a reply to your comment on my post about homemaded liquid dishwasher detergent but not sure if you’ll get back to the post so reply about it here also:
    “I found one specifically from Petra School blog (pebblekeeper)

    I haven’t been able to try it yet but I am going to just as soon as I get castile soap and run out of my seventh generation soap I’m using now 🙂

    Where’ve you found the recipes for the dishwasher? Are they all powdered?
    Thanks for stopping by! :)”

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