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Eating chocolate and dejunking…

Doesn’t that sound like a profitable use of time?

Youngest’s room is really coming together. The bathroom is looking lots better — amazing what happens when you toss all the almost-empty containers of shampoo, conditioner, lotion, etc. Actually, one child was detailed to rinse out the containers and recycle them as trash pickup is so much more expensive than recycling. Making progress in clearing the hallway, and after that — dum de dum dum (for some reason the Dragnet theme runs in my head at this moment) — the living and dining rooms.

Oh, and we’re listening to recordings of Dr. Voddie Baucham from last weekend’s homeschool conference. Great encouragement and food for thought!

What are you doing today?


New week, new things to do!

The Homeschool Convention was amazing, even if I only got a fraction of my browsing/shopping done, and saw only two workshops and half of two keynote addresses. Spent most of Friday working at the Used Curriculum Exchange, and half of Saturday at a memorial service.

They showed the cutest movie on Friday evening at the convention. It was put together by a homeschool family. All the actors are children, ages nine and under, but it’s not amateurish in the least. If you want to know more, go to the movie website: Runner from Ravenshead. At the very least, watch the movie trailer.

I’ve just got to say, I really want to go strawberry picking sometime this week. Haven’t been yet, and keep hearing reports of pounds and pounds picked and processed (frozen, pureed and frozen, made into jam, etc.). I want that taste of sunshine stored away in my freezer for the cold, dark months to come.

Getting ready for the Homeschool Conference!

Gearing up for the big homeschool conference and curriculum sale…

Read more about it here

Format change!

Don’t worry, this is still the same Home Sweet Home(school)! We just had a bit of a facelift, that’s all.

Please excuse the dust; I’m renovating. I changed themes today, and while I’m happy with the overall picture, there are a few things that need tweaks, here and there.

Homemade gluten-free flour mix, anyone?

Have been baking up a storm lately. Well, a relative storm. Ran out of ingredients and had to make a trip to Bob’s Red Mill and their bulk bins, so there were a couple of weeks there where we were buying Udi’s bread (good, but ouch! …hard on the budget).

The past six weeks I’ve been using recipes mostly from the Art of Gluten Free Baking. The bread recipes are pretty easy, once you’ve put the flour mix together, and I’ve had good results with everything (except the pizza dough, the first time I made it, as I didn’t read the directions carefully enough and so the finished pizza was really limp and soggy).

The flour mix bakes up beautifully, but I think it needs some tinkering. There’s something of a bitter aftertaste. I can just barely perceive it. Middlest has more sensitive taste buds and flatly refuses to eat the bread. She might have a problem with the texture, which is slightly spongy, though the rest of the family seems to think that the bread is pretty close to what we used to eat before we went gluten-free.

The flour mix ingredients are brown rice flour, white rice flour, sweet white rice flour, and tapioca starch, with a little xanthan gum thrown in. Haven’t figured out yet which ingredient is bitter, unless it’s the sweet white rice flour? I’d never used sweet white rice flour before. Or maybe it’s the tapioca starch, which I’ve used in smaller proportions before this. Will have to tinker with the mix a bit, maybe substitute sorghum and/or millet to try to get a better flavor.

Got any suggestions for making this mix more palatable?

Free sheet music blank manuscript paper

Youngest has begun writing her own music, using our faithful old Noteworthy Composer program. We’ve had it for years. It does just about everything we need it to do, and we’ve figured out workarounds for what it won’t do. It was a real bargain at the time we were looking for a music program that worked for writing music the way a word processor works for writing words.

To find out more about Noteworthy Composer, click here. (And no, I don’t get anything out of it. I’m not an affiliate, I’ve just been using the program for — well, I don’t remember how long. But it’s been years.)

She also has been printing out blank manuscript paper for jotting down tunes when the computer isn’t handy. (That’s what the topic of this post started out to be, before I got sidetracked by mentioning Noteworthy.) Since we’re starting music theory studies, we’ll be needing more of the stuff. Here’s the site she discovered:

Blank Sheet Music – Free printable staff paper

Cleaning resource!

Stumbled across this site today while looking up berry stains — that is, how to get berry stains out of clothing. How did the berry stains get on the clothes, you ask? Not because we were berry picking, sad to say. (mmm, fresh U-picked organic strawberries… am going to have to organize a trip soon)

No, for some reason there was a packet of berry jam on the car seat, and someone sat down on it, and the rest is history.

Anyhow, after reading through the berry stain treatment, I did a little exploring and was very please to find information on cleaning with natural ingredients.