Daily Archives: May 19, 2011

Homeschooling and the “S” Word

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine’s Homeschooling EXPO has been going on this week. I’ve been in and out, but when I’ve been in, I’ve been listening. Good stuff! The topics are varied: learning styles, high school writing, home economics, homeschool politics, and more (my brain’s a little fuzzy, haven’t brewed the coffee yet for today).

Dr. Brian Ray spoke at the end of the day yesterday, and even though I’ve heard him speak a few times before, it was a good reminder, both of the statistics that show that home education works better (at the very least in terms of test results and socialization) than institutionalized school, and of the opposition to home education on the part of the social elitists. Seems as if they’d like to make it some kind of a crime to raise free-thinking people — who actually know how to think, and are able to think for themselves.

Anyhow, the “socialization” concept came up during Dr. Ray’s talk, and there was quite a spirited discussion going on in the chat sidebar, too. Someone shared a link to a blog post, and I saved the link and read it this morning. Good post! If you’re concerned about socialization, or you’ve been fending off well-meaning people who ask you about it, here’s some food for thought from Home Schooling Goodness.