TOS Crew: Greek ‘n’ Stuff (Hey, Andrew!)

Members of the TOS Crew were privileged to receive materials from Greek ‘n’ Stuff, a publisher of Greek and Latin materials starting in preschool (yes, preschool!) and up, as well as Bible studies (King James or NIV-based, late elementary and up).

I’m going to be talking about what our family received:

Hey, Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek! Level 3

Youngest was particularly excited when this package arrived, some months ago. She claimed it for herself and disappeared with it, emerging a couple of hours later to announce that she was learning Greek! And all this without me! Talk about self-teaching.

We received Level 3 because our youngest is 12, and could benefit from a faster pace of instruction. The publisher’s website gives guidance on where to start with your student, from preschool (starting with The Reader), onward. There are eight levels in all. You can buy pieces of each level individually, or in sets. There’s even a set you can buy that gives you all eight levels at once.

Sample pages

Sample pages, including a Table of Contents for each level, are available at the publisher’s website. Scroll down the page to the link for sample pages from the Greek, Latin, and Bible studies. The Greek curriculum is also available for French-speaking students.

A year of study at each level

Each level has 36 lessons, enough material for a year of study at each level, and by the end of Level 8 your student will have translated the New Testament epistles I through III John. The materials are designed so that your student completes a page a day, progressing at a steady pace.

Slow and steady wins the race

The pace is deliberately slow, so that the student never hits the wall, i.e. “faces a steep learning curve, becomes frustrated, fails to internalize the language, and develops an aversion to foreign language study in general.” (Been there. Done that with another program, not Greek, and not this publisher.) Youngest actually complained that the pace was a little too slow for her comfort, so she got a little bored, and yet she was able to keep plugging away without any input from me except the occasional progress check.

In Level 3, the student does a quick review (or learns in the first place) of the Greek alphabet, learning to write and pronounce the letter names. Next vocabulary words are introduced and practiced, going from Greek to English and English to Greek. The author varies the pages — one day you might be writing the current vocabulary word, another day you might do a matching exercise (helping Greek word arrows find their English word targets, for example) or filling in a crossword puzzle. Before long, you’re translating sentences!

The written materials provide pronunciation cues, and a pronunciation CD is also available which includes a Greek alphabet song as well as pronunciation of new vocabulary for Levels 3 and 4.

I really like the simple, uncluttered format of the pages. It’s fairly easy for Youngest to accomplish a page in about ten minutes or less.

Price list

Here’s the price list for Hey, Andrew, Teach Me Greek! Level 3, taken from the publisher’s website:

Student Workbook ($21.95)
“Answers Only” Answer Key ($4.00)
“Full Text” Answer Key ($21.95)
Quizzes/Exams ($5.50)
“Flashcards on a Ring” ($8.00)
Pronunciation CD for Greek Levels Three and Four ($10.00)
Pronunciation Cassette Tape for Greek Levels Three and Four ($8.00)
“Short” Set — Student workbook, “Answers Only” answer key, Quizzes/Exams, Flashcards on a Ring — ($39.45)
“Full” Set — Student workbook, “Full Text” answer key which includes teacher tips, grammatical charts, and translation helps; Quizzes/Exams; Flashcards on a Ring — recommended for those with no previous Greek experience — ($57.40)
Bible Copybook – The Gospel of John ($25.95)
Sheet Music for The Greek Alphabet Song ($2.95)
Set of  five (5) Koiné Greek Alphabet Bookmarks ($6.00)

Student workbooks and Full Text answer keysrange from $14.95 for the lowest level to $28.95 for the highest level.

We got a Complete Answer Key with our set. I really love this as opposed to the “Answers Only Key”, as it reproduces the student workbook pages with the answers written in. The additional teacher helps were invaluable.

The result of our months-long test

Youngest is so excited now about learning Greek that she has begun learning the gospel of John. In Greek. On her own. This is my reluctant reader. Who would have thought it?

I always was a little intimidated by the idea of learning Biblical Greek, but the Hey, Andrew! materials make it so easy! It reminds me of the old riddle: How do you eat an elephant?

One bite at a time.

To read more TOS Crew reviews of Greek ‘n’ Stuff products, please click here.

Disclaimer: We received a set of Level 3, Hey, Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek! for personal use and review purposes. No additional compensation was involved. Opinions are our own.


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