Blogging and Busyness

Does this happen to you?

As I’m out and about, I think of all sorts of blog topics and series. I’m ready to write, energized and enthusiastic.

(I think I need to slip a notepad and pencil into my pocket so I can jot down ideas as they happen.)

So… I get to my scheduled computer time (it’s quiet, the busyness of the day has not yet kicked in, I have half an hour or so before I need to jump into the day), and… my mind is a blank.

Actually, what I’d really like to do this Monday morning is crawl back under the covers. Woke up to rain, and more rain and high winds are predicted later in the morning. The dog and I really should get our morning walk out of the way sooner than later. However, she’s doing what I’d like to be doing: snoring! I mentioned the magic word (walk) in her ear a little bit ago, and she didn’t even twitch.

But then, she’s always been a fair-weather walker. I guess the rain musses her Beauty Queen perfection, or something like that. She does seem to be afraid she’ll melt if she goes out in it.

Well, it’s time now to jump into the day. I bet an hour from now I’ll have ideas for all sorts of blog posts.

Looks like I need to add “notepads” to my shopping list.


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