I am so, so, so, so glad that it’s Friday today.

Got over what felt like the start of a bad cold in record time, with megadoses of Vitamin C and garlic. Still lacking energy.

Am so glad to have found clams at Trader Joe’s! No MSG or other additives, so homemade gluten-free clam chowder, here we come! I have to admit I’ve missed clam chowder. Got a good recipe to recommend?

I’m also looking for a recipe for an overnight crockpot tater tot breakfast casserole. If I find one (or the one I make up tonight turns out to be a success) I’ll post it.

It’s been rainy and sunny by turns. We’ve seen some remarkable rainbows over the past few days, all mostly in the late afternoon, making them very low in the sky. You have to make an effort to see rainbows, that time of day. They’re easily blocked by buildings and trees.

Just like some days you have to make an effort to count your blessings. It’s too easy to see the obstacles, interruptions, and frustrations, and let them clutter your thoughts, especially late in the day.

Stop. Take a deep breath. Start counting: What are you grateful for?

It gets easier with practice.


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