TOS Crew: Apologia’s Who is God?

If you’ve used Apologia’s elementary-level science books (the Exploring Creation with Zoology series), the format of the new Who is God? will have a familiar feel.

Who is God? is the first volume in a planned four-volume set aimed at teaching children (ages 6-14) about worldview in general, and a Biblical worldview in particular.

The book is hardcover. The pages are large (8-1/2 x 11″) and colorful, punctuated with illustrations. The ten lessons share the same carefully organized format, allowing for quick and easy lesson planning. Each lesson is designed to take about two weeks, though you may find yourself spending more time on a lesson, or less.

Each lesson is organized around a theme (“What is God Like?” “Why Did God Create Me?” and “Is Jesus the Only Way to God?” for example), with two related memory scriptures per lesson (one for the theme, one for a related character quality covered in the lesson).

A lesson starts with “The Big Idea,” giving a brief review of what you studied earlier, together with an introduction of the lesson’s theme and objectives. To accomplish those objectives, you might read a story and do activities (hint: the S’Mores Clusters in Lesson 6 are delicious! They’re the perfect accompaniment to the camping-themed story in the lesson). You’ll find interesting facts set apart in boxes, which tie this worldview/Bible study in with other subjects in the curriculum. There are points to ponder and discussion questions, along with notebooking prompts and vocabulary words.

As a matter of fact, free notebooking pages and other supplemental materials are available at the Apologia website. The website and password are provided in the introduction to the book. There’s so much at the website! I love the teacher helps that nicely summarize the lessons, activities, and discussion questions, highlighting important points.

Online helps also include printouts to help you build a “House of Truth” which is a graphic representation of what you’re learning. There are also links to online Bible versions, Bible study tools, worldview and apologetics resources, and media reviews (books, games, movies, and television).

The text is written to the student. It’s designed so that you can read the book aloud together with a younger student (our 12yo still loves to work this way), or gather all your family for multi-level study, or give the book to an older student for independent study.

Scripture verses are mainly set in the NIV (though other versions are also quoted — I noticed the ESV among them), International Children”s Bible, and New Living Translation. The authors encourage users to use their family’s own preferred Bible version for Scripture memory work.

Our 14yo thought the text “simply written, but charming.” Our wiggly 12yo enjoys the story-telling and activities, though sometimes has a little trouble sitting through the teaching sections. The text is conversational in tone, rather than textbookish, which is a help with younger children and short attention spans.

To get a better idea of the book, you can see the Table of Contents and download a sample chapter at the Apologia website.

Who is God? is available at the Apologia website for $39.

To read more TOS Crew opinions of Who is God? please click here.

Disclaimer: Members of the TOS Crew were given a free copy of Who is God? for private personal use and review purposes. No further compensation was involved.


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