Bird feeder news

Woke up to snow!

Filled the black oil sunflower seed feeder, the hummingbird feeder, and one of the suet feeders (the other still has half a block of suet).

I think we saw a Red-Shafted Northern Flicker on the empty suet feeder. I hope he came back after I put more suet in!

This picture looks a lot like the bird we saw. He looks different from the other Flickers we’ve seen before today.

Click on the picture to read more about this bird, and to see more pictures.


We’ve also had visits from a pair of Downy Woodpeckers over the past week, and hummingbirds have been visiting the suet and nectar feeders all winter long! (I thought they migrated further south in the winter.)

Click on the picture for more information about this bird, and for more pictures.

It’s a great website for bird identification!

I know that earlier I posted a picture of an Eastern Bluebird while saying the girls had seen a Western Bluebird. You see, they insist the bird’s underparts were white, not gray, but when I looked at the range for bluebirds, it looked like it had to be a Western Bluebird. …unless, of course, some Eastern Bluebirds really, really got confused, or maybe their GPS was a little off, or something?


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