Sono’s poem

It’s not that she wrote the poem. It’s that she quoted it, early on in our acquaintance.

This time of year (February-March timeframe) used to be when Basic Skills put on the homeschool Winter Workshop. It was a conference that had the effect of encouraging home educators caught in the wearying winter doldrums. You know, the holidays are over, you’ve tried (and perhaps failed) to get back into the swing of things, get the kids back on schedule, start feeling productive again, but It’s Just Not Working.

(Digression. Sorry, we’re reading old-fashioned books, and in said books they often capitalized for emphasis. Somehow it seems to come naturally this morning. Perhaps it’ll wear off when the coffee’s done and drunk.)

Anyhow, they had these different tracks for attendees: special needs, for example, or especially for moms, or for dads, or for teens, or nuts and bolts (how to teach specific academic subjects). I found myself in Sono’s workshops, not on purpose, more like the flip of a coin to choose between a then-bewildering array of topics.

You had to cross a cold, wet, windy stretch from the main church to the outbuilding where she was speaking. I remember feeling warm and cozy once Sono started speaking, though. She had a welcoming smile, an energizing way of talking, an earnestness, an urgency. The message was important: encouragement, exhortation, challenge, help, all solidly grounded in Scripture.

Somehow, thinking back on Sono’s attitude in her workshops, I’m reminded of Isaiah 42:3. In the KJV it reads: A bruised reed shall he not break, and smoking flax shall he not quench, till he send forth judgment unto victory.

The “bruised reed” part is what I remembered. Looking it up, I found it a bit confusing, until I read that “smoking flax” refers to a smoldering wick (as of a candle) or feebly flickering light. (See this link for a number of translations to compare.)

Sono challenged us to be grounded in the Word, doing all to the glory of God, whether it was changing diapers, cleaning, cooking, teaching, or just sitting and listening. We were to be mindful as we were raising our children in the light of Eternity. The challenge might have been overwhelming, if not for the love and care of God that shone through. Yes, the burden is too heavy for frail human shoulders to bear alone. But with God…

She quoted a poem that somehow was a perfect fit for her topic. I couldn’t remember much more than the refrain, “Call back,” though I do remember how the poem stirred me, encouraged me to keep trying, and over the years has prompted me to speak encouragement to others.

I’m afraid I’ve rather hounded poor Gregg, Sono’s husband, to try to find that poem. He even sent me a link to it when we ran into each other at a New Year’s celebration, right there at the party, showing me the poem on the screen of his cell phone. I was so excited! …and then the next day, looking at my email, I couldn’t find the link. Don’t know what my email program did with it. His email was there, just not the poem.

He was kind enough to post the poem and its source, upon my further request (man, I can be such a pest… as my older brothers can attest), and reading it, I was reminded of Sono all over again, and not just because of her reading it in that workshop. Here it is: Sono’s poem.

Hope it blesses you as much as I’ve been blessed.


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