Lexmark: beer printer with champagne taste

I love my Lexmark all-in-one. I really do. You can’t argue with $5 ink cartridges, and it does a great job of everything — printing, scanning, copying.

I’m just a little annoyed at the moment. You see, to economize I went from 24-lb paper to 20-lb paper, with the last box of paper I bought.

I already knew that the Lexmark turns up its virtual nose at 3-h0le punched paper.

Now I know that it doesn’t care to deal with 20-lb paper.

Come to think of it, the pre-punched paper just might have been 20-lb paper…



2 responses to “Lexmark: beer printer with champagne taste

  1. Just wanted to tell you that when I went to the Simple Green web site while doing my Kitchen Tip post, I saw that they now make a lemon scent. Something to consider if you do purchase a cleaner.

    • homesweethomeschool

      I’ll have to look into that lemon scented cleaner! I really used to love Simple Green. Non-toxic, didn’t trigger breathing problems, yet really got the job done.


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