Virtual Nerd — homeschool-friendly new prices

Just a reminder that Virtual Nerd, the math tutoring video website, has instituted special pricing that makes the site more accessible for home educators.

There’s a 2-hour free trial so you can see how the website works. Check out the videos — for a test drive, look up that elusive math concept that you’ve been trying to explain to your student!

I love the way you can “drill down” through the lectures. You watch an explanation, but stumble on a step with an underlying concept. You click on the step, and get an explanation of that foundational material that you didn’t quite get before… and suddenly it all falls into place.

Anyhow, if your student is stuck and you can’t get past a math concept, why not check out the free trial, or even the one-day $5 deal, which gives you access to all the videos on the website for a 24-hour period?

Click here for more info.

Disclaimer: I’m an ambassador for the Virtual Nerd site, which means I’ll be periodically telling you about our experience with Virtual Nerd, as well as updates and special deals.


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