TOS Crew: See-N-Read

See-N-Read’s reading tools are something I was sold on, before I even used them. You see, years ago, trying to help Eldest with reading, I heard from a friend about using an index card to help keep your place while reading. You moved the card down as you read, and even if your eyes (or your child’s eyes) jump around while reading, it would be easy to pick up again where you were when your eyes wandered.

Eldest was a little more distractible, though, and I ended up cutting a window in a piece of cardstock so that her eyes wouldn’t jump to a line above the line where she was reading. We also experimented with different colors of film overlays, after a friend told me that her daughter was able to read better through certain colors. (This differs from person to person. One of our girls reads better through a blue filter. One reads better through a yellow filter. One finds color itself distracting, so the See-N-Read Reading Tool with its neutral grayish color works best for her.)

Not just for struggling readers

I find the See-N-Read reading tool especially handy for reducing glare and eyestrain, as well as keeping my place while reading in the face of multiple interruptions. (Story of my life. How about you?)

The See-N-Read Memory Mark tool is similar to the reading tool, with a cutout window that allows you to make notes or highlight on the page. I don’t write in books much, but I can see where this could be a boon to a college student or anyone who highlights text while reading.

These are available in two sizes: book (5-1/2″ x 3″) and document (8-1/2″ x 3″). The tools are made from non-toxic plastic that is BPA-free.

Prices range from $2.99 for one book-size tool and $3.49 for one document-size tool. You can also buy multiple packs (3, 10, or 25 of the same tool, or combination packs).

The company also makes a tool for use on the computer, the e-See-N-Read, which superimposes a See-N-Read window over the computer screen. It’s customizable; for example, you can have it follow the cursor as you move your mouse down the page, or control it with your keyboard. I have to admit that my family didn’t make much use of this tool, as we don’t spend a lot of time reading on the computer. I can see that if you did read a lot on the computer, the tool could come in handy for helping you to keep your place. It would also be very useful if you give presentations with your computer, as it works with interactive whiteboards and computer projection devices.  It’s also good for data entry, as data can only be entered inside the clear window.

The e-See-N-Read for PCs is $29.99. A Mac version is due out soon. Multi-user licenses are available, and you can get a 7-day free trial to see if this tool works well for you.

Order any of these tools at the See-N-Read website. At the website you can also read about the research behind the tools, find articles about the process of reading and how to help struggling readers, and read testimonials from users.

Read more TOS Crew reviews of the See-N-Read tools at the TOS Crew blog.

Disclaimer: Our family was given free See-N-Read tools for review purposes. No additional compensation was involved.



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