Just got back from the Swiss choir concert. (No, we’re not Swiss, but how we got involved in the choir is a story for another day.)

The three girls and I were supposed to sing a quartet, but Eldest fell ill between the before-concert rehearsal and the concert itself. Thankfully, one of the sopranos was able to fill in for her at the last minute, with just a short run-through of the song. Thanks so much, S.!

A cowboy band were the guest artists. You say, “What, a cowboy band? And a Swiss choir?” But there is a connection. Yodeling is common to both!

When dh sent Youngest to buy one of the band’s CDs, the leader so very kindly presented the CD to her as a gift. So even though it’s past bedtime, we’re listening to the CD at this very moment.

The Giant Schnauzer is very glad to have us home, and is being cute and playful (if a nearly-100 lb. dog can be said to be “cute”) and cuddly.

Well, g’night.

Whew. All those weeks of rehearsal. About two hours of concert. Amazing to think it’s over for the rest of the year.


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