Wisdom in Science Education

We’re just about finished with the Chemistry unit in our homeschool science class. Tonight was the unit review game, in a Jeopardy-like format where the students were divided into three teams and the parents cheered them all on.

One of the remarkable features of this class is that it is solidly based on Biblical principles. In our science explorations, we’re viewing Creation through the lens of Scripture. Part of the classtime and homework is devoted to Bible and character studies, and part is devoted to learning science, and the two go hand in hand.

Take chemistry, for example. The theme for the unit was “Ye are the salt of the earth.” We learned about all sorts of uses for and properties of salt (along with lots of other info, like memorizing the elements and their symbols, the order of the Periodic Table and properties of the different periods and groups, energy shells, ionization, atomic and molecular bonding, acid-base reactions, and more).

The “final Jeopardy” question asked the teams to name three properties of salt, and apply a spiritual analogy to each, and then to state how to “shine your light before all men.” The answers from all three teams were amazing, and showed that the students had learned a lot, both about the chemical properties of salt, and about the spiritual application of the lessons throughout the unit.

More about this later, if you’d like to hear more. (Just let me know in a comment.) It’s nearly midnight and I need to head off to bed. I’d been managing a regular bedtime, the past few days, but the coffee I drank tonight sort of threw me off.


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