Autumn Leaves, Portland style

The falling leaves drift by the window
The autumn leaves of red and gold…

I was dismayed to hear that Portland had instituted a new fee for sweeping leaves from the street. As if we had disposable money just lying around, waiting for another fee or tax to come along… (Oh, please! Please, tax me some more! I’m not paying enough! I have too much money! Please, take more! — Is there really anybody out there who would say that?)

Image: Sally Stoneking / Nature And Flower

Anyhow, someone sent me a link to an Oregonian article about the new leaf-removal fee, along with a link to an opt-out form. So if you’re getting hit by this new fee, there are options. You could actually take responsibility for your own leaves, imagine it, and not have to pay the city yet another fee. That’s provided the city accepts the form, of course.

Actually, leaves (depending on the type of tree) can make great compost. I’ve just been letting the leaves fall in the street this year, since I was going to be charged by the city anyway. In previous years, we’ve gathered all the leaves and put them on our compost pile.

Guess it’s time to get out the rake.


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