TOS Crew: PG Key

Online safety is a big issue. I can see it in my spam folder. I can even see it in my email, when spam slips through the controls. I have been blessed not to see much of the dreck that is available online, as I am very careful in my websurfing.

Still, there’s the memory of the day I had a very young Youngest sitting in my lap, and I clicked on an innocuous looking link, and a picture popped up, and even though I closed the link as quickly as I could, Youngest’s lisping question still rings in my ears. Why is he not wearing any clothes, Mommy?


I hope our girls have enough sense not to go looking for nasty things on the Internet, but I know Middlest has seen some, while doing web research.

No matter how “good” your children are, youthful curiosity can win out over good sense, or savagely inappropriate images may be lurking behind innocuous link names, or even (as happened in our house once) a neighbor’s child might sit down at an unattended keyboard and bring up something you’d rather your children didn’t see.

Enter the PG Key.

PG Key is an Internet filter, an accountability manager… and more.

Developed by dads in the IT industry, with input from law enforcement, parenting experts, parents, and children, PG Key is a simple-to-use physical device that plugs into a USB port. With PG Key, you can control the amount of time the computer is used, as well as monitor and filter websites, email, chatrooms, and more; and keep track of your children’s computer use (as in, see everything they looked at, recorded on the PG Key itself, sort of like the black boxes on an airplane record the pilot’s actions).

PG Key costs $49.99 plus shipping, with no additional fees or subscription costs. You can get a replacement key if your registered PG Key gets lost or damaged. One PG Key device will protect one Windows-based computer running Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7.

To order PG Key or to read more about what PG Key can do to protect your family, click here.

To see more TOS Homeschool Crew reviews of this product, click here.

Disclaimer: Members of the TOS Crew were provided with a free PG Key for personal family use and review purposes. No monetary compensation was involved.


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