Back at work…

…though not on schedule. (See this post.)

Blessing the schedule, though. It’s not our master, it’s more of a suggestion of what I want us to accomplish (the girls are owning it, though, and it’s becoming what they want to accomplish as well). When we’ve been without a schedule, sometimes my record book looked ominously blank for too many days. With a schedule, I have a feeling of reassurance that we really are getting something worthwhile done.

What’s that old saying? If you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it every time.

I know the benefit of a regular schedule, especially a regular bedtime and getting up time. It really hits home on a day like today, where I finally got to bed before midnight last night, and yet overslept by two hours (probably catching up on some of the missed sleep of the past days) and woke up groggy.

We are behind schedule for today, but we’re getting closer. It meant skipping the free time after lunch, in order to get everything in that I wanted to do today.

Yesterday was kind of off. First, our schedule was disrupted by a morning orthodontic appointment. My cardinal rule for appointments is to schedule them in the afternoon where at all possible, but our orthodontist is hard to get to during afternoon rush hour — much easier in the morning, when the bulk of the freeway traffic is headed in the other direction. So we always try to go to the orthodontist in the morning. Thus, our school day really didn’t start until noon.

Second, Youngest was suffering the final day of a stomach-and-sore-throat bug. She spent much of the day sleeping, and so much of our group study was on hold. The two elder daughters still managed a history lesson together. Usually Youngest listens in on their lecture just for the information, but since she has her own history program (Mystery of History, love it!) I don’t feel the need to have her make up the session.

What with today starting two hours later than usual, I’m feeling a little discombobulated (is that how you spell it), which I figured out only last week is the English equivalent of what I’d usually call this feeling (auseinander, a perfect description, albeit in German, of how the first half of this day has felt). Some idioms that I learned while thinking in German, as an exchange student, don’t always translate that well, which is why it was only last week that I figured this out.

Or maybe it has to do with lack of sleep.

On the other hand, I’ve found that my fiction writing goes much better when I’m supertired. Such a conundrum! Do I burn the candle at both ends so that the writing (a hobby) goes well, or do I get on a regular schedule so that wife-and-motherhood-including-homeschooling go better?

Just kidding. You don’t really imagine there’s a real choice between the two, do you?

Neither do I.


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