Daily Archives: September 15, 2010

Tired. Really tired.

Life certainly has its ups and downs.

Yesterday I was full of energy. We got in a full day of school (yay for the schedule! it’s working!) and then I spend all evening running errands. (Eldest came along for the ride, bless her.)

It was a fairly productive evening. I say “fairly” because it could have been better if I’d timed things better by leaving earlier. As it was, our timing was driven by the various times that our destinations closed.

We explored the gluten-free offerings at Bob’s Red Mill (spendy, but less expensive than the local whole foods store, 6:00 closing), plundered a nearby organic fruit stand (yum, homegrown peaches and plums and corn, 7:00 closing), stopped at Bi-Mart (8:00 closing), and then, seeing the library was about to close (also 8:00 closing), rushed to the library (past Trader Joe’s, supposed to be our next stop, 9:00 closing) to return some Inter-Library Loans at the desk. Can’t risk putting them in the return slot — if the ILL label comes off and the book gets lost it’s a $50 fine. Then it was back to Trader Joe’s, which was to be our last stop, except they didn’t have gluten-free fish sticks. Off to New Seasons (10:00 closing, but we were done there well before 10) on the way home, and they did have gluten-free fish sticks. And hot dogs, which I’d forgotten I need for tomorrow night’s potluck. Serendipity.

And then home. Whew. I probably squeezed two weeks’ worth of errands into one evening. No wonder I overslept this morning. We missed the first hour of our schedule but have pretty much been sticking to the schedule since. It means the floors aren’t swept, for one thing, and are gritty underfoot, but I think ten minutes taken out of the lunch break will remedy that.

In case you were wondering, we’re trying gluten-free eating to see if it helps with Eldest’s headaches and digestive problems. Will let you know how it goes. Got any favorite recipes or tips to share?