Daily Archives: September 2, 2010

Blood of the Moon, by George Grant

I’m now exactly halfway through reading Blood of the Moon by George Grant, about the conflict in the Middle-east, from its origins to the 1990s. However, it could as easily apply to the present day. Listening to the news this morning about the peace talks, parts of what I’d read just last night came back to mind with painful clarity.

Fascinating book. While I knew about the Biblical origins (Ishmael and Isaac) of the conflict, I had no idea how Islam was (and continues to be, according to the evidence Dr. Grant presents)  influenced by the ancient Persians, Babylonians, and Assyrians.

I find it a tough book to read, if only because it requires concentration and a minimum of interruptions and background noise.


The dreaded stomach bug…

…appears to have hit home. It’s been going around in the families at our church, and came along on the church’s group campout.

We’ll have to see if anyone else falls ill. So far, the evidence is not completely conclusive. Eldest is the one who was up all night, but then she also suffers from food sensitivities, so it’s possible that the bad reaction was from something she ate. Anyhow, she’s miserable, poor thing. We’re doing a modified school day today, as a result. (She listened to today’s Gileskirk lecture, but will probably have to listen again when she’s feeling better, to be able to take notes and write her summary.)

We were going to start on writing today, but I’m putting that off until she’s better. So today’s academics will consist of Bible reading (done), Gileskirk lecture (done), read aloud, and math (except for Eldest).

We also need to do our menu planning for September. It’s the 2nd already! Without planned meals we’re likely to fall back on pasta or eggs every day, or even succumb to the siren call of pizza or takeout, which does not fit the budget.

May have to plan with Middlest and Youngest and leave Eldest’s days on the September calendar un-filled-in until she can think of food without disc0mfort.