Back from Camping

Well, actually we got back Friday evening, but it’s been catch-up time ever since. I think I just have one load of laundry from the campout left, and there’s still a stray sleeping bag that didn’t get put away in the garage with the others, but we’ll get it stowed away today and then camping is over for the year.

We did some schoolwork yesterday, just Bible reading and listening to the first Gileskirk Antiquities lecture for this year’s studies in moral philosophy (a thumbnail description might be history-literature-worldview; if Middlest were here she could give me the definition to give you, but she’s in the kitchen feeding the poor, starving dog at the moment).

Eldest was shaking her head at the end of the lecture, discouraged that she didn’t have any notes to speak of, worrying about the 200-word summary she was supposed to write. He talked so fast, she complained. I couldn’t get a thing.

We talked a little. I mentioned a couple of key phrases I’d heard, and asked her if she remembered them. She started discussing the matter with her dad (who hadn’t heard the lecture, so all the input was from her side), and somehow the juices started flowing. She went from not recalling any of the lecture, to writing down some good highlights for her summary.


Oh, yes, and in the evening we had a few chapters of The Golden Goblet, read aloud by a master reader.

As they say at the races, And… we’re… off!


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