TOS Crew: Travel Kits e-book

When I was a child, we always took a long car trip in the summer. One year we drove all the way around Lake Superior, camping along the way. One year we visited Revolutionary War sites: Liberty Hall, battlegrounds, Mount Vernon, Monticello, Colonial Williamsburg. Another year we visited Civil War battlefields. Then there were the long drives to visit aunts, uncles, cousins.

In those days there weren’t seatbelt laws, so we’d have sleeping bags laid out sardine-style in the back of the station wagon (for the night portion of the journey), and our parents would take turns driving through the night. During the day, we’d sit in our seats, reading or playing or singing. Dad would break up the journey by stopping at every historical marker and museum along the way.

To keep her sanity, Mom would pack up some special things before a trip. It might be as fancy as a travel diary for each of us, or as simple as a blank notebook with a map taped to one of the pages, and a pencil to trace our route, plus a deck of cards or a travel checkers/chess game, a new book or two and some snacks. These things minimized boredom and kept us fairly quiet, a minor miracle with four wiggly kids crammed together in a car with two parents on a seemingly unending drive.

Not just for long journeys

That’s what I thought the book Travel Kits was all about. However, it’s more! Travel kits aren’t just for long cross-country journeys, or airplane rides (I’ve put together kits of my own for those occasions). They can also be a way to keep restless siblings occupied while waiting during music lessons, or doctor visits. In addition, there’s a giving aspect to the way this e-book is written, encouraging the reader to use imagination and creativity to bless others, not just in your own family. If you know a family (with or even without children), about to embark on a journey, why not bless them with a travel kit?

Thinking ahead

With the easy, practical tips laid out in Travel Kits you can be pulling together supplies from yard sales and dollar stores to stock future travel kits. Containers for the kits could be as fancy as a Handy Box or a basket from the thrift store, or as simple as a lunch bag decorated with a few colored markers. The kits themselves are filled with little thoughtfully chosen items. (My sister in law excels at this concept, come to think of it. She’s always wrapping up little, seemingly inconsequential things and packaging them for the girls. And they’re always perfect!)

Not just for travel

These kits also make great blessing baskets/bags/boxes. Zan Tyler of Apologia talked at our recent homeschool convention about how her family ministered with “Widow Baskets,” and I, concrete visual person that I am, wondered what these might look like. Wondering no longer — Travel Kits has lots of practical suggestions for putting together care packages appropriate for a lot of different applications.

Easier than you might think

I was overwhelmed, to be truthful, when I first considered the idea, until I started reading the e-book, and realized this was something I’d already done on a smaller scale. Reading the descriptions and looking at the photos of examples, I was encouraged, and more, I realized that this would make an excellent project for our teens.

Read more about (or order) The Old Schoolhouse’s Travel Kits e-book here. This 93-page e-book, in PDF format, is $12.45 at the Old Schoolhouse Store.

You can read more TOS Crew reviews at the official review blog.

Disclaimer: Members of the TOS Homeschool Crew were given a free download of this e-book for review purposes. No further compensation was provided.


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  1. I’m stopping by from the TOS crew, and I enjoyed your review!

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