Menu Plan Monday

I’m not sure how to do the “Menu Plan Monday” button, or where to go to sign up, but when I do figure it out I’ll incorporate it here.

This is the menu plan for this week.

Monday – Crockpot Chicken ‘n stuffing (Youngest)

Tuesday – Mac ‘n’ Cheese (Mom)

Wednesday – Stir Fry (Eldest)

Thursday – Cheese Pizza (Middlest)

Friday – Roast something or other (depends on what we have in the freezer) (Youngest)

Saturday – leftovers (Mom to organize)

As you see, there’s a cooking rotation. Each person picked what meals they’d be making, during our meal planning at the beginning of the month. On the day you cook, you’re also responsible for washing up. The menu plans revolve around this schedule:

Sunday – tea (the main meal is a shared meal at church)
Monday – crockpot
Tuesday – pasta
Wednesday – chicken
Thursday – meatless
Friday – meat (pork, lamb, beef, sausage, bacon, etc)
Saturday – leftovers

What’s your plan for the week?


One response to “Menu Plan Monday

  1. What a fabulous idea!! You are brilliant! I love how each person is responsible for a meal!!

    Mrs. White

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