Heat is about to hit…

Today’s high is in the 80s. For the rest of the week, 90s are forecast (nearly 100 later in the week). We don’t have air conditioning, except for one attic bedroom that would be unlivable in the summertime without it.

All the ice cube trays we own are in the freezer, full of ice. The attic fan is going, drawing cooler air up from the basement as it forces hot air out of the attic. Of course, in a sustained heat wave, even the basement air starts to warm up.

The dog’s water dish is being replenished several times a day with cool, fresh water. (She dirties it every time she drinks… check out the beard. However, we choose not to shave the beard, as it not only gives her a dignified look, but it’s also a convenient handle for emergency dog control.)

On hot days, she prefers to sleep on the hard floor, as opposed to the soft (but not as cool) couch.

How do you keep your cool?


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