Tired, tired, tired

…but getting better.

Yesterday I came down with some sort of bug. Sneezing, sore throat, aches, last night some fever and chills.

Even with some natural remedies I still can feel it hovering, like the throat aching a bit, my eyes tired and scratchy, overall being tired.

The good news is that Youngest can raise her right arm over her head once more without pain, only a little more than two weeks after breaking her collarbone. The sling treatment seems to be working. Now just to keep her from overdoing and reinjuring herself.

Middlest’s foot and ankle were swollen to more than twice their size on Monday. The doctor diagnosed a skin infection, probably introduced by a mosquito bite, and prescribed heavy-duty antibiotics. The swelling is going down (I saw her ankle bone today!) but now itching is setting in, which seems to be an indicator that the foot is healing.

Eldest isn’t feeling so hot, either. She missed out on cake for dessert, and with her sweet tooth, that’s saying a lot.

That means four out of five of us are not up to par. You might say we’re living in a convalescent home. Here’s to healing!

In other news, it’s the first of July, a cool, rainy day, and tomorrow will be another cool, rainy day. I don’t mind cool rain so much as I dread next week’s forecasted 90s. Yes, summer will arrive, eventually. Even though it’s a bit late arriving, I still don’t feel ready to deal with those temps.

One of these days I’m going to stop being practical (how many days of unbearable heat do we have during the year? not many) and campaign for a window air conditioner in our bedroom. Of course, with our noisy neighbors it can double as a white noise device. Thus when it’s not one of those hot, sleepless nights, the machine can still be earning its keep, covering the noise of the parties across the alley and next door.

…and now  (speaking of tired), off to bed.


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