Answers in Genesis conference wrap-up

Ken Ham was terrific tonight, just as we expected. Interesting stuff going on. The first night of the Answers in Genesis conference, the multimedia system self destructed. The second night of the conference, someone set off the fire alarm. Tonight, the third night, we were 10 minutes late to the conference.

Nothing happened! …and we missed it!

Edited to add:

Actually, I posted that last when I was pretty punchy–very tired from a busy weekend capped off by a busy beginning of the week.

We were very impressed with the Answers in Genesis conference–the presentations, the materials offered, the attitude of the volunteers, even the opportunity to chat with friends we usually see only during the school year, during the breaks.

They were filming a new video series, but I’m not sure we’ll appear as part of the studio audience. We sort of sat on the fringe, and really, it might be a mercy if the camera didn’t capture us. Middlest and Youngest were at their most fidgety at times. Honestly, you’d think at their advanced age they could sit still!

(Still working on that. Difficult concept. Those kids never seem to stop moving, even in their sleep.)


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