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Update on Sono Harris

Edited to add: Latest update.

Josh Harris has posted an update about his mom, on his blog, as of June 24.


Ken Ham in Vancouver, Washington!

We just got back from a wonderful morning session for middle and high school age students on Creationism and biblical apologetics.

Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis is here in town, filming a conference. We went to last night’s session and got home so late, it was hard to get up for this morning’s early session. I wanted to see the presentation for elementary aged children, but we got there too late for that. Ended up browsing the book and DVD tables. Lots of great stuff there!

Now I’m not one to talk much about spiritual warfare, but it certainly seemed as if something was trying to keep the conference from getting off the ground.

We were stressing because the traffic was so bad (heavy traffic on a Sunday evening? What gives?) and we were a few minutes late arriving. The church parking lot was almost completely full, and we parked in the boonies, a fair walk from the church.

The conference was supposed to start at 6. We missed the introduction and prayer and crept in to find seats as Mr. Ham was getting started. There was so much good information in his presentation that we didn’t notice the lack of multimedia until he said, “Now watch this clip, and then we’ll talk more…”

There was sound but no video, and all of a sudden he realized that the slides and pictures that were supposed to be emphasizing his points, weren’t.

Pretty soon there was no sound, either.

Tech people began gathering and walking back and forth and fiddling with things and talking into cell phones and doing all sorts of problem-solving actions. We waited. They told us to take a break but stay close. We waited. The girls went to sit with their friends, who’d arrived earlier and had seats down in front. We waited.

Mr. Ham started taking questions from the audience. Occasionally there would be an update (“It seems to be a problem with a power supply…”). Finally, a group of people hauled a large movie screen and supports down to the front and set it up, along with a portable projector.¬† Not as fancy as the built-in screens, but they made it work.

By 7:20 things were rolling again. The first presentation started: The Relevance of Genesis in Today’s World. Many Christians don’t realize just how crucial the proper understanding of Genesis 1-11 is in defending our Christian faith. I don’t have time to say more about that now, for this post would be as long as a book! (Well, nearly so long.)

The church was wonderful: The child-care volunteers stayed extra late because of the late start. The church bought pizza for the children!

They decided to go ahead and put on the second presentation, after asking everyone who could stay, to stay. Once again, we were treated to a dynamic, encouraging, energizing talk on How to Defend the Christian Faith in a Hostile World.

(This material fit beautifully, by the way, with what we’d heard at our church earlier in the day, listening to a presentation on the spread of the Gospel in Africa, compared to the decline of Christianity in the West.)

The conference runs for two more evenings. If you’re in the Vancouver, Washington area, go! The conference is free of cost, but the information and tools you’ll gain are beyond price.

More information is available at this website. Here’s the Monday-Tuesday schedule:

Monday, June 28, 2010
9 a.m. Ken Ham Dinosaurs for Kids – The 7 Ages of History (Grades K-6) (Grades K-6)
11 a.m. Ken Ham Using Science to Confirm Genesis (Grades 7-12) (Grades 7-12)
6 p.m. Ken Ham How Could a Loving God – Why is There Death and Suffering
7:30 p.m. Ken Ham Six Days or Millions of Years
Tuesday, June 29, 2010
6 p.m. Ken Ham Why Won`t They Listen – Evangelism in a Secular World
7:30 p.m. Ken Ham One Blood, One Race