Daily Archives: June 24, 2010

Going to the birds!

We had a hummingbird in our butterfly bush! She (we’re pretty sure it was “she” as the colors were pretty dull, but we haven’t looked her up yet) was delicately drinking from the blossoms, and at a couple points actually perched to drink. We got lots of pictures and if I can just find the cable that connects the camera to the computer, I’ll post some pictures.

I didn’t know hummingbirds liked butterfly bushes!

A little later, Eldest saw a house finch. His head was really bright red. Beautiful. We may have to revive our running list of bird visitors. We had lots of bush tits and goldfinches earlier in the year (and the goldfinches stayed longer than I remember them staying, perhaps because of the long, cool, wet spring), and chickadees that we can still hear singing on occasion. There’s also a nesting pair of English Sparrows, and what beautiful songs we hear, even drowning out the robins’ songs that used to dominate our yard.

Thanks, Mrs. S., for making us so much more aware of the birds around us in your science class.