Prayer request for Gregg and Sono Harris

Edited to add: Please see update here.

Sono is Gregg Harris’ wife. Gregg is one of the pioneers of the modern Christan homeschooling movement. Perhaps you’ve also heard of Josh Harris (I Kissed Dating Goodbye, among other things), and Brett and Alex Harris (The Rebelution — — and Do Hard Things), who are among their children.

I went to a number of Sono’s workshops in our early homeschool years, and received a lot of encouragement and wisdom. One of the things that stayed with me was when she read a poem, with the recurring words “Call back.” It was about the journey of life, and taking the time to call back encouragement to those following you on the path. I would love to find a copy of that poem!

Here is a note sent out from the Oregon Christian Home Education

If one member suffers, all members suffer together; if one member is honored all rejoice together. ~1 Corinthians 12:26

Dear Homeschool Families,

Many of you are aware of the ministry over the years of Gregg & Sono Harris. Gregg has been a long-time Christian homeschool advocate, speaker and pastor and has been very instrumental in the Christian homeschool movement.

Sono was recently diagnosed with stage IV inoperable cancer. She has been an inspirational presence to many with her energetic, bright spirit and dedication to her family and others. May we, who love this family, now be mirrors and reflect back on Sono the strength of character, tenderness and courage which she has so brightly shone upon others.

The family is facing many additional expenses that we can share. Long-time friends of the Harris family have set up an account at West Coast Bank to help offset the additional expenses the family is facing. A gift to the Harris family can be made at any West Coast Bank branch in Oregon and Washington.  Contact me for more details if you’d like to contribute. (Leave a comment, and mention if you’d like to keep it private.)

This is not a tax-deductible contribution, but rather a gift of love to a family who has done so much for the Christian homeschool community in America. Because they are gifts to the family, the Harris family will not incur an additional tax liability. 100% of the gift will go to helping them financially through this crisis.

Of course, the most important gift we can give Sono and her family is the gift of prayer. Please pray for her healing. Her hope is in the Lord. She is also following a strict dietary regimen that has helped other cancer patients in the past. Please pray for the pain to be relieved. She has had some very bad days lately struggling with pain. And pray for the family as they work to support Sono.


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