TOS Crew: Classical Legacy Press

When Eldest saw the Latin curriculum from Classical Legacy Press, she got excited. Something about the curriculum spoke to her, perhaps a glimpse of the sample sentences. (Great Latin Adventure (GLA) is truly named. There are sentences about pirates and battles, for one thing! The material is anything but dry.)

Teacher directed, Teacher friendly

This is a teacher-directed course, rather than self-study, designed for you to begin with 4th or 5th graders (though you can start later, of course). Our older girls have been enjoying the course, too, from the first lesson with its “secret code” — writing plain English with Latin pronunciation. I think the best one was, “Hei, dud, vat ar iu duin?” (Hey, dude, what are you doing?”)

Teacher helps include extensive teaching notes, answer keys, and a pronunciation CD. In the teaching notes you’ll find lesson planning and scheduling suggestions, grammar instruction, and answer keys to worksheets and quizzes.

The course is designed so that parents who don’t know Latin themselves can learn right along with the students. Teacher preparation involves reading through the lesson material ahead of time. (I used a highlighter to help me hone in on key concepts and activities.) No additional study is required on the part of the teacher. Everything you need for the lesson is included in the teaching notes.

Well organized lessons

The lessons consist of oral and written work. Lessons are laid out in a consistent, carefully organized manner. It’s clear to me that this curriculum was tried and tested with real classes; the material is suited to private homeschool use, as well as co-op classes. Students soon find themselves translating from Latin to English, and from English to Latin. Grammar instruction, note-taking pages, and derivative and translation workheets are built into the program, and quizzes and tests are included; in short, the program comes with everything you need. (Just add teacher, students, index cards for making flash cards, and writing implements. Stir well and serve.)

The publisher suggests you can complete Levels 1 and 2 in a time frame ranging from 18 months (older students working at an accelerated pace) to 2 – 1/2 years (younger students). After completing Level 2, the student is equipped to go on to further study (Latin Road to English Grammar, Wheelock’s, and Latin in the Christian Trivium are among the suggestions found in the FAQ).

Family friendly, Bible based

There is no mythology in this course, and the material is suited to young learners. The derivative worksheets contain examples that make me smile, like this example: “Your effort was laudable,” said Mother, “but your room is still not clean. Try again.” Christian material is also included in the worksheets, like, “Gossip in a church can divide brother from brother and ruin the fraternal relations believers should enjoy.”

Customer satisfaction a high priority

The publisher aims for customer satisfaction. In addition to excellent customer support, they offer a 60-day money back guarantee.

Great customer support

I had questions before we began GLA. We had done some Latin before, so was there a placement test? The publisher’s answer:

* It is strongly recommended that you start at the beginning of GLA, rather
than trying to jump in halfway through. If your child has already done some
Latin, you should find that you can charge along pretty fast (and you might
decide to omit things like pre-quizzes or derivative worksheets), until you
meet new topics. The sequence of topics in any given Latin program is likely
to be quite different, and most people who study GLA after other programs
find that their understanding is greatly deepened and consolidated on topics
they'd already "covered."

This is just what happened. We moved quickly at first, going through the pronunciation (which is Classical, by the way, rather than Ecclesiastical) and the first few lessons fairly quickly, then settling down to a steady pace. I expect we’ll keep going through the summer, too, to avoid a long interruption. The girls don’t seem to mind the thought.

The publisher offers answers to frequently asked questions at the website. You can learn more about the program and download sample pages at the publisher’s website.

Pricing and ordering

You can order Great Latin Adventure materials here. Prices are as follows:

Level 1 or 2 Student: $15.00 pages only, $22.00 pages with binder
Level 1 or 2 Teacher: $30.00 pages only, $40 pages with binder

You can read more TOS Crew reviews of Great Latin Adventure here.

Disclaimer: Members of the TOS Crew received Great Latin Adventure Levels 1, or Levels 1 and 2, for the purpose of review and use within their family. No monetary compensation was involved.


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