TOS Crew: Lobster Network

One of the difficult things about homeschooling is that it usually involves so much stuff!

I guess that’s a little bit misleading. I had too much stuff to manage even before we began homeschooling. Being organizationally challenged, I have a bad habit of lending things to people and then forgetting, or losing the paper or notebook where I wrote down the loan.

Lobster Network is a free service that makes it easy to share resources, or just keep track of what you have. You can use it for an off-site inventory (great for insurance purposes), or even an “on-site” directory (Now what box did I put those Christmas videos in? It’s sure better to be able to find out at a click, rather than going through several storage boxes!)

You can create a private community (family, or friends, or friends and family) of people to lend, share, borrow, or sell items among. You can sell or give away items in the public marketplace at the Lobster Network website.

Membership is free!

Our homeschool group has a lending library, and I’m excited about the possibilities. With Lobster Network, our members can have access to lists of all the resources in the group. They can check out items, and the system will generate automatic reminders when it’s time to return materials. That would be a lot less work for our group’s librarian!

As you can see, I’ve barely scratched the surface of this web-based service. Check it out for yourself!

You can read more TOS Crew opinions and ideas how to use Lobster Network by clicking here.

Disclaimer: The TOS Crew was given access to Lobster Network, which is a free social networking site. No monetary compensation was involved in writing reviews.


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