TOS Crew: What Am I? Reader 2

Last month I reviewed Beehive Reader 1 from All About Spelling.  As I mentioned in that review, I love the hands-on approach of this spelling program (Read more about the spelling program here, and their learning-about-homophones book here). The author has been creating readers to go with the program. The Beehive Reader 1 corresponds with Level 1 of the spelling program. What Am I?, a new product, corresponds with Level 2 (Steps 1-14, to be precise).

What Am I? is a charming collection of short stories, not at all boring despite their simplicity. I mean, consider this scene, a girl standing in front of a bus-stop bench, a surprised expression on her face. “A slim gal in a silk dress sits on the lump of pink gum. Squish! She stands up, but strings of fresh gum hang from her dress. She drops her map as she picks at the gum. Ick! I think she will miss the bus.”

Somehow I think any of the boys of my acquaintance would find this account diverting to read. (The bus stop story starts out sort of mundane, telling about a man and a gallon of milk, but things get interesting, even exciting, very quickly, what with a bandit, a bunch of animals, and even a rock band!)

There are also stories about an elf who lives in the Alps, a mischievous robot, a bake sale, an unusual friendship, lots of different animals, a little poetry, and finally, a section of riddles that give the book its name. The stories are written to appeal to both boys and girls.

Clever pencil sketches illustrate the stories, some whimsical, others realistic, fitting the narrative.

Even though our girls are beyond the level of this reader, our Youngest took What Am I? to church to read to some of the younger children, and a good time was had by all.

What Am I? is available as a sturdy hardcover book from All About Spelling for $19.95. On the ordering page, you can also find a link to a page that correlates the reader to Level 2 steps. However, you don’t have to be using All About Spelling in order to use and enjoy this reader in your phonics practice!

To read more TOS Crew reviews of What Am I?, click here.

Disclaimer: All About Spelling sent members of the TOS Crew a free copy of What Am I? for review. No monetary compensation was involved.


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